February 17, 2009


Supplements can help in treatment of diseases and in their prevention, but they are NOT one size fits all. Every body is different, and we should be treated differently depending on individual needs. If one supplement did work for one person, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. If you tried one supplement and it didn’t work, don’t get discouraged, try another one. Another thing people don’t always understand is that it might take time for a supplement to work. Everything we ingest gets attached to the red blood cells (RBCs) and then RBCs carry it through out the body. Red blood cells live for an average of 90 days, it’s 3 months. Everything we eat can therefore stay in the body for that long. The longer we take supplements the more it attaches to the newly produced RBCs and the better it can help. When you are taking supplements, give them 3 month to build up in your system and to attach itself to as many red blood cells as it can. As new cells are produced, supplement attaches to these RBCs and stays on them. This is the reason it might take so long to get supplement to work at it’s full potential.

February 12, 2009

Healthy Radio

I was on my way to work, listening to radio when I heard something incredible, a radio show about supplemental nutrition. It’s on 1600AM from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. If you can’t catch it on air, you can find in online, http://www.invitehealth.com/ . Jerry Hickey is hosting it and he has some really interesting information. Some of his reports are easy to understand, but some might be hard for people who don’t know the medical language. I suggest to give it a shot and see if you like it. During the show he talks about different supplements and what they can help with, some of the supplements he mentions end up being on sale. You can buy these supplements on the website the same website http://www.invitehealth.com/ you can also visit their stores, they have a list of their stores in New York on the website. In the store you can find professionals who can advise what supplements you might need, they are very helpful for those who don’t know too much about supplements. Highly recommend it, it can help you stay healthy and conquer diseases.

February 8, 2009

When Going to the Doctor

It is hard to find a good doctor, but good doctors are out there, you just have to find them. Before going to the doctor, keep one thing in mind, you are going to the doctor to get something specific. You have to have a reason to go there, it could be to make sure you didn’t catch anything in the past year or so, could be to find out why you have a headache, could be simply to get medical check up for your work. If you are going to make sure nothing is wrong, then the doctor will have to answer exactly that question. If you are going to find out why your head hurts, well, doctor should try to find an answer to that question. If you are simply getting paper work done, then that’s all you need. I personally don’t have insurance right now, so I only go to the doctor when I have to get my medical forms. I chose the doctor who is doing exactly what I need. I was vaccinated against tuberculosis, so I now my PPD results are always positive. I know I don’t have tuberculosis, so I don’t care much about getting x-ray done like it is required. Why would I want to get an x-ray and expose myself to radiation when I already know what the results will show? My doctor doesn’t care about his patients well being, he only cares about money, as soon as I pay for my appointment he forgets that he has to check PPD and just marks it as negative. It takes him a total of 10 seconds to take my blood pressure and then he writes down that my blood pressure is 120/80 even though my blood pressure is rarely going over 100/70. Strangely enough, this is exactly what I need, someone who will charge very little and will put down that I’m perfectly healthy.

When you actually have a problem or want to make sure that you don’t have one, however, you need to be more careful with choosing the doctor. First the doctor has to find out what, if anything is wrong with you, this requires assessments and tests. If you came to your doctor and said you have a sore throat, your doctor gives you a prescription for antibiotic and sends you on your marry way, it’s a bad kind of doctor. He should’ve first checked what organisms are in your throat causing this pain. Antibiotics can kill only bacteria, but you might have fungal or viral infection. Doctor has to do all the tests to know that you have this specific disorder and not the other.

Tests can be harmless and cause no damage to the body whatsoever, but many tests are not as harmless. With many of them you end up being exposed to radiation or have your skin punctured which can expose you to potential infections. Before you get tested for anything, ask your doctor why you need it and what is he looking to get in by making you take these tests. Some doctors have an agreement with medical facilities that do these tests and these doctors get money for referring patients to these companies. I know a woman who’s husband went to the doctor and doctor told him that he needs to have his heart checked out, that his heart is so bad that he might die any minute. Obviously he went to get tested and tests showed no abnormalities in his heart. A few days later, his wife ran into a friend of hers who is also going to this same doctor. This friend told her how she was referred for the same test because doctor said that her heart is so bad she might drop dead, tests showed she was perfectly healthy. Who knows how much money this doctor made on scaring his patients into getting their hearts tested.

Diagnosis is the next thing you have to look at. If your doctor gives you a diagnosis of a chronic condition, get a second opinion. Doctors are people and people make mistakes. This guy who got his heart tested for no good reason has a son, a few years ago his son got sick. Poor guy looked like he had cold, except nothing would help his cold, he couldn’t breathe, his throat was so closed up. The doctor tried treating him with many different medications but nothing helped, after a month of these treatments, doctor said that this boy has asthma and prescribed him medications for asthma. The mother knew more then enough about these medications because her mother had asthma, so she refused to give her son this poison. They changed doctors and sure enough the new doctor found what was wrong with the boy, he was allergic to the cat that they got couple of weeks before the boy got sick.

When you are going for the second opinion, try not to tell the second doctor what you were diagnosed with the first time, people attach labels, and once the doctor hears you might have this disease, he might see every little thing as an indication that you really do have it. Other doctors might want to get you to go to them by saying that the first doctor is an idiot and you have a totally different thing. They will diagnose you with something different just so you will go to them.

Last but not least, treatment plan: You have to look at how doctor wants to treat you. Remember one thing, treatment is not only pills, it’s physical therapy, massage therapy, positioning, breathing, and much more. If you have a respiratory condition for example, doctor should tell you to do deep breathing exercise, not just medications.

Traditional medicine is important, it is a great way to find out what exactly is wrong with your body, sometimes it’s good to treat diseases. Use modern medicine to the maximum potential. The most important thing you have to remember when going to the doctor is that you have rights; right for information and right to refuse are very important. Exercise your rights and ask your doctor questions. Refuse everything you don’t need.

February 2, 2009

Organic Food

People found many ways to make fruits grow faster and look better. Strawberries are now 2-3 times larger then they used to be. Worms are not eating our fruits. But what is the price we are paying for it? All the chemicals that go into the ground end up being absorbed by fruits and vegetables that grow on it. These chemicals end up being a part of these plants. When we eat this fruits and vegetables we also consume everything that these plants absorbed, including the chemicals.

Pesticides are used to keep bugs from eating plants. If worms don’t want to eat these chemicals, why would we want to eat an apple that has this pesticide all over it?

Once we eat these foods, chemicals that are on them end up traveling through our body until it reaches liver and kidneys. Both liver and kidneys can help us get rid of toxic chemicals. If we eat inorganic fruit once in a great blue moon, it’s not that bad. Our body can take care of itself and rid itself of the toxins. Sadly many of us eat non organic food every day. Liver and kidneys end up being overworked and start breaking just like a car that was driven too far without a tune up. With these organs unable to function, toxins will start building up and will slowly poison the whole body.

Now lets look at poultry and other meats. Chickens are often given antibiotics. Organisms can become resistant to antibiotics. This is exactly what happened to some of the most problematic bacteria that are now spreading in the population. MRSA and VRE are two of these bacteria and they are a very big problem in hospitals as it is very hard to treat wounds infected by these organisms. By giving antibiotics to animals, we increase the chances of giving more bacteria this resistance.

Antibiotics are not the only problem with meat. Animals are fed foods that have chemicals in them. The healthier animal’s diet is, the healthier meat will be. Milk and eggs are affected greatly by foods animals eat.

Be nice to your body, you need it. Feed it well. Give it healthy food.

So much to tell my readers

I started writing about diabetes the other day, wanted to have one nice post that will explain everything that people need to know about diabetes. Soon enough I realized that there is no way to get all the information into one post. So I changed my plan. I will now start a new blog for every disease and will write a new post on each of the blogs once each week. This way everyone will have enough time to read a post and think about it. Try to follow advice from the post. It will also give me time to work on other diseases. All new blogs about diseases can be found in “My Blog List.” If you would like me to write about any specific disease, let me know and I will gladly investigate this disease and write about it.

Each article is based on medical facts. Some of the terminology so rather complicated. I’m trying to make it as simple as I can. However it is not always easy. I’m used to medical language and don’t always know which words are easy to understand and which words are not. I often use scientific and medical words in my day to day conversations, so for me it might seem like something everyone should know. If you can’t understand some of these terms, feel free to ask me for clarification.

Some of the articles are rather complicated and need some thinking. In order to really understand a disease and it’s treatments you will need to apply some critical thinking. Don’t take any information for granted, think about it. If you read about a side effect, think why this side effect occurs. If you read about a symptom, think what causes this symptom. This is the only way to really understand the disease.

I will write about health topics that don’t require as much attention and will post it on this blog. Don’t take me wrong, things I will post here are very important for overall health, they are just much smaller and don’t require the whole new blog. I’ll be posting an article about organic foods on this blog shortly.