February 17, 2009


Supplements can help in treatment of diseases and in their prevention, but they are NOT one size fits all. Every body is different, and we should be treated differently depending on individual needs. If one supplement did work for one person, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. If you tried one supplement and it didn’t work, don’t get discouraged, try another one. Another thing people don’t always understand is that it might take time for a supplement to work. Everything we ingest gets attached to the red blood cells (RBCs) and then RBCs carry it through out the body. Red blood cells live for an average of 90 days, it’s 3 months. Everything we eat can therefore stay in the body for that long. The longer we take supplements the more it attaches to the newly produced RBCs and the better it can help. When you are taking supplements, give them 3 month to build up in your system and to attach itself to as many red blood cells as it can. As new cells are produced, supplement attaches to these RBCs and stays on them. This is the reason it might take so long to get supplement to work at it’s full potential.

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